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Located in downtown Macon, Bearfoot Tavern is the mixture of European and American pub style cuisine.

Bearfoot Tavern is Middle Georgia's only gastro-pub, featuring over 50 beers on tap and signature items like the Mercer Presidential Burgers. The backyard Beer Garden, indoor dining area, and one-of-a-kind bar setup make Bearfoot Tavern Macon's go-to hangout spot - for sports fans, drink connoisseurs, and families alike.

Bearfoot Tavern originally joined the Historic Downtown Macon community in 2011 and was located on the corner of Cherry street and Martin Luther King boulevard. Since then, Bearfoot Tavern has relocated up to Second Street.





468 2nd Street Macon, GA 31201


Doors open @ 11:00am Monday through Sunday

Brunch Sat and Sun 11-3

Sunday Fall Hours: 11am - 9pm


 Dinner Snacks

Tavern Wings, Buffalo, Lemon Pepper, Kahuna Hot, Kickin’ Bourbon (all flats $1 per 10)             10 - $13.95 / 20 - $24.95

Edamame hummus, cucumbers, naan bread                                                                                              6

Black Bean spring rolls, corn, roasted peppers, Bearsauce for dipping                                                                7

Irish Lamb Stew, carrots, potatoes, celery and chunks of lamb                                                                  cup 2.5,  bowl 4.75

Luigi’s spring rolls, grilled lemon pesto chicken, pepperoni, mozzarella, green peas, marinara dipping sauce                         8

Pimento Bacon Fritters, Applewood smoked bacon, homemade pimento cheese, pepper jelly                                             6

Loaded Tots, Monterey Jack queso, bacon, tomatoes and sliced jalapenos                                                                         6

Simple salad, tomatoes, cucumbers and shredded mozz, choice of: ranch, Italian, honey mustard, bleu cheese                       4.5

Simple Caesar, romaine, parmesan, croutons                                                                                                                   4.5

Homemade Chili        cup $2.50, bowl $4.75,             Chili Cheese Tots with queso and fresh jalapenos                         7


Gastro Pub Specialties

Skirt Steak, marinated in Irish seasonings, grilled, served medium-rare to medium (chef recommended), topped with             17            port wine braised shallots, served with organic veggie of the day and a side our peppercorn aioli

Kickin Chickin, grilled chicken, kickin bourbon sauce, goat cheese, caramelized onions, bacon, brioche bun, side item            9

Garden Panini, pesto, spinach, red onions, Feta cheese, naan bread, balsamic glaze, side item (add grilled chicken $3)           7

Prime Rib (served rare-med.rare), horseradish cream, cheezy grits, veggie of the day                                                          15

Chop Salad, salmon, romaine, bacon, garbanzo & butter beans, cucumber, feta cheese, red onions, basil-ranch dressing            11

Baked Salmon, topped with fresh pineapple and cucumber salsa, organic veggie                                                                 16

Cajun Shrimp Pasta, fresh penne pasta, spicy vodka Pomodoro cream sauce                                                                       15

Southern Soul, fried chicken, mayo, pickles, buttery roll, choice of side (try it buffalo style with bleu cheese add $1)             9

Meatloaf, Black Angus and wild mushroom, peppercorn mushroom gravy, cheezy grits, veggie of the day                            12

Cajun Rubbed Tuna Steak (served rare-med. rare), sour cream dollop, balsamic glaze, chilled bean salad side                      15


Brick Oven Pizza

Guadalupe, chorizo sausage, mushrooms, mozzarella, red onions, jalapeno, chipotle salsa drizzle                                        12

Truffle Mushroom, caramelized onions, herbed wild mushrooms, fresh buffalo mozzarella, truffle oil                                10

Margherita, fresh buffalo mozzarella, pecorino, basil, garlic, extra virgin olive oil drizzle                                                    9.5

3 Little Piggies, ham, sausage, spicy soppressata sweet red peppers, caramelized onions, fresh buffalo mozzarella                 13

White Pie, ricotta, fresh buffalo mozzarella, pecorino, mozzarella, spinach, extra virgin olive oil drizzle                              12

Capicola, caramelized onions, bacon, fresh thyme, fresh mozzarella                                                                                  11

Calzone, ricotta, spicy soppressata, ham, mozzarella, pecorino, pepperonata                                                                      10


Presidential Burgers, choice of side (add cup of soup for $2, side salad $3) (sub chicken breast or black bean patty for beef)

cook temperatures: pink (mr-m) or brown (mw-w), served on a buttery brioche bun


J.Mercer Classic, cheddar, lettuce, tomato, onions and house made pickles (add bacon $1)                                                 9

Underwood (2006-present) lamb burger, feta tzatziki spread, tomato, red onion                                                               13

The Gustavos Alonzo (1889-1893), chipotle lime aioli, bacon, caramelized onions, smoked Gouda                                   10

The Billington (1833-1840), topped with fried egg, bacon and sharp cheddar cheese                                                        10

The Dowell (1928-1955), bacon pimento, fried green tomato, Bearsauce, brioche bun (add second patty $4)                     10

The Godsey (1979-2006), brandy peppercorn sauce, shaved blue cheese, port wine braised shallots                                                10

The Rufus (1918-1927), caramelized onions, sharp cheddar, fried onions, bacon, BBQ sauce                                             10

The J.L. Dagg (1844-1854), homemade pepper jelly, chevre goat cheese, bacon, spinach                                                   10

The A.J. Battle (1872-1889), turkey burger, provolone, spinach and chipotle aioli spread, brioche bun                               9.5

El Gringo Special Burger, double grinded black angus, chipotle grit cake, queso, fresh jalapenos on brioche bun                  10.5

Sides –Muffaletta pasta salad, cheezy grits, tater tots, organic veggie (add $1),  Spiral truffle parmesan fries (add $1), regular spiral fries      


Sweets  $6, Irish whiskey Baileys bread pudding, Salted caramel cheesecake, Milky way chocolate cake


Kids  $5, Cubby grilled chicken & fries, Cubby pizza, Cubby burger & fries

Automatic 20% gratuity added to parties of 7 or more. Inquire about our private room for your next private event.  Advisory: The consumption of raw or under cooked foods such as meats, fish and eggs which may contain harmful bacteria, may cause illness & death

Wines & Cocktails


Private Events


Ask about our private dining room and our Beer Garden!

From watch parties to work parties, our private dining area and Beer Garden accompany groups of all sizes. Give us a call to book!